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$67.50 every 2 weeks

3 month contract
M-Th - Flex class 9am, 5:15pm, 6:15pm

$150 $99

No contract - Paid in full
M-Th - Flex class 9am, 5:15pm, 6:15pm

$150  75.00

1 month (1/2 price)
Only for first time boot campers!

M-Th - Flex class 9am, 5:15pm, 6:15pm



Time Slots: 9:00, 5:15, 6:15

Calorie Burn: 325 - 500

Mep Points: 130


total body boot camps

Our classes are programed training! We offer a total body workout each day to build lean muscle mass!  
Our classes are instructor led Monday – Thursday.  We teach proper form and introduce new exercises or combo each week.  We are a Myzone training facility so inside our program we use heart rate monitor belt.  Instantly see your result at the end of class and see them inside your calendar app. 

What can you expect?

    What can you expect with joining our group training program?

    1. Lean muscle building and calorie torching workouts (We are not all about having your run on the treadmill or do a shit ton of burpees to lose weight.)
    2. You have an instant support group! Workout with friends every day.
    3. Accountability with our Myzone App and Weekly check-ins!
    4. Private training room so you can feel comfortable!
    5. Workouts that all can be modified up or down if needed.  We can modify or switch out exercises if you are nursing an injury or simply just need to start slow. 
    6. Flexibility with class times and virtual classes.
    7. Questions or concerns.  Our instructors have 15 mins in between classes if you need to ask a question or talk about an issue.  Weekly check-ins also allow you to have contact with the master trainer on any question or issues that may arise in your fitness journey.
    8. Our equipment is top notch.  We are the only training facility that offers Incline Treadmill that go up to 30% for maximum sculpting on the legs and booty all while giving you 5x more calorie burn just by walking.  We have water rowers, battle ropes, cycle bikes, steps, kettlebells and more!

    how we can help you!ments

      Busy?  We know life get crazy but let’s start making more effort than you do excuses.  This program is helping you create BALANCE with fitness and nutrition with your busy life.  We have made our programming available online, so if you can’t make it to the gym you still can crush your workouts at home or on vacation.

      1. Join a program that offers you both in house and online so you have every opportunity to stay on track with everyone else inside the program. 
      2. Accountability calendar and tracking device right in your hands.  Every workout counts inside and outside the gym with our Myzone system.
      3. Online portal with fitness and nutrition help.


      Our Myzone belts come with a 30 day money back back guarantee.  The belt has an app that helps keep you motivated with a calendar, challenges, rankings, and friend connections.  The belt will automatically connect to our TV screens so you can visually see you color zones, calorie burn, and effort in class.  Every workout counts inside and outside of the gym.  The belt has 16 hours of data storage.  Our limitless rewards program also give you points each time you wear your belt and reach 100 mep points.

      $50.00 off your Myzone Belt!
      Save money here!!! Buy a Myzone Belt!

      If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or use our Live chat for more information.