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about our gym

Voted Grundy County's #1 gym!

Limitless Fitness – 24/7 is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.  We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable with everything the gym has to offer.  Our facility is locally owned and loved, and our staff is truly one of a kind.  We prioritize providing a clean and friendly workout environment.

Limitless specializes in boot camps and personal training. We offer guidance on our boot camp and personal training pages to help you begin your fitness journey.

Great things you can find at limitless!
Best treadmills in town!

Take a hike on one of our Incline trainers loaded with Google Maps.  Experience incline and decline terrain just like you would if you were there! Our treadmills go up to 30% incline, which means you can can torch calories 5x faster, all while sculpting your legs.

Sculpt your legs!

Our Helix Lateral Trainers work your glutes, inner and outer thighs, AND core! This low impact machine will also help strengthen and protect your knees.  The best part:  it’s amazing cardio!

Hoist Roc-it Collection

The ROC-IT line embodies a unique training experience. It achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits of functional training, coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment.

24 Hour Vending

We offer a full range of drinks from pre-workout, protein shakes, and recovery drinks conveniently available 24 hours a day for our members. 

Look out for promotions and new flavors to sample each week!

Boot Camps

We are known for having the best boot camps in town. We want you to be a part of them!  We specialize in working with beginners! All of our workouts can be modified for any fitness level. Come as you and get started today.

Personal Training

Our program personalizes a fitness plan perfect for you! We offer a complimentary consultation that tests your body movements, provides a body scan, discusses your goals, answer all questions, and provides you with a sample workout.

Evolt Scanner

Track your fitness progress with our Evolt scanner. With our software, you can track all your measurements and see your results. You can schedule a scan appointment at the front desk or book a free first workout consultation.

MyZone Facility

We are a MyZone training facility! Heart rate training is a great way to stay accountable, and visually see your results during your workout.  We have TVs on the gym floor and in our group training room, so you can display your heart rate see your calorie burn in real time.

Your workout should be the best part of your day!

My name is Tonya Vidito, owner of Limitless Fitness. I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry.

I believe in our programming and gym so much you will see me show up daily as an owner taking care of the business, participating in boot camps, and training with our personal trainers.

I believe that workouts are more than just a workout, it’s that push you need, it’s a routine, community, health, therapy, self care, all thing that keep you strong inside and outside the gym.

I hope you chose Limitless, we would love the opportunity to provide you with a membership, boot camp, or personal training. Every body is different, every goals is different and we have options that can work for you.

Tonya Vidito
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