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Welcome to Limitless Fitness! 

Limitless Fitness 24/7 is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.  Our facility is locally owned and offers a clean and friendly workout environment.  We offer Group Training and 24-hour access gym memberships. Our facility offers exclusive gym equipment, such as Incline trainers that incline to 30%, Helix Trainers, and the Hoist Roc-it collection. Our helpful staff will help members get started on the right track.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with all the gym has to offer. 

All members receive monthly free access to our Fit3D body scanner.

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Features that set us apart from the other gyms!


Our treadmills go up to 30% incline giving you 5x the calorie burn just by walking.  Google maps is loaded on the treadmill for a unique experience to tour the world.  


We are a Myzone training facility.  Located in the group room there are 2 TV’s that display our heart rate monitor system.  Keep track of your training session with your myzone belt and app.  This system is a great way to stay accountabile and visually see your results during your workout. 



Our 3D body scanner is a great way to keep track of your progress over the duration of being a gym member.  Visually see your body change! The scan shows your waist, hip, leg, and arm measurements.  It takes all those measurements and gives you a rating score, and calculates your lean muscle mass, fat mass and body fat percentage.

Ditch the scale and start using our 3D scanner today!


Our classes are programed training!  We don’t just offer you a total body class everyday.  We offer body specific workouts each day to build lean muscle mass and provide proper recovery!  
Another reason why we format our classes this way is to create a consistent routine to make sure you stay on track and workout 3+ days for maximum results.